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Monday, 19 February 2018

Basic Information about Ramanujan

  1. Born: 22 December 1887 in Erode, British India 
  2. Died: 26 April 1920 in Chetput, British India because of hepaticamoebiasis (a parasitic infection of the liver)
  4.  His mother was a housewife and his father worked as a clerk in a sarishop
  5. He could not spent a stable childhood because of his poor family and their life standarts
  6. About his talent,G. H.Hardy,who was known a big mathematician and one of Ramanujan's academic advisors with J.E.Littlewood, said only a few giant mathematician  like Euler, Gauss,Newton had the same talent  which Ramanujan had.
  7. First joined the school at the age of 7.
His Early Life 

  1. By age 12,he mastered an advanced trigonometry book written by S.L.Loney by himself
  2. At the age of 12,he was declared "CHILD MATHEMATICIAN" by his teachers.
  3. His famous history was :- One day a primary School teacher of 3 form was telling to his students "If three fruits are divided among three persons, each would get one , even would get one ,even if 1000 fruits are divided among 1000 persons each would get one,Thus, generalized that any number divided by itself was unity. This Made a child of that class jump and ask-"Is zero also unity? If no fruits are divided nobody, will each get one?" this little boy was none other then Ramanujan.
  4. Adulthood: He was  married with a nine year old girl named Janaki Ammal when he was 22 but he did not live with his wife till she 12.
  5. Despite the fact that he was not educated well he was known to the university mathematicians by his works and growing fame in madras, where he had his second college experience in.

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